New Winter Sports Kit

In case you’ve had your head in the sand, or just haven’t been keeping up with the times, the new Axiski is set to make waves (in the snow) this year as snowboard meets skiing meets sledging.  The folks at AxiShop have come out with the AxiSki for £19.99, making it a no-brainer for winter sports this season!

Axiski 2013

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Types of Water Sports

One of the favorite forms of outdoor sports that are loved by all is water sports. Water is an ideal medium for outdoor sports. Water spots make a spectator outdoor adventure sports event. Here are some types of water sports:

Wind Surfing:

In wind surfing there is use of a radical technique of surfing which is combined with the skills and know how of the sailing. In this there is surfboard used as equipment to sail fixed to a movable mast. In this wind surfer moves with the waves and control board at the same time. This is a surface water sport. There are many windsurfing competitions held and there is Olympic event held in this sport.


This is for people who are lazy and want to have a relaxed time...

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Top 10 Extreme Outdoor Sports

There is something crazy about certain people who love to do extreme outdoor sports. These extreme outdoor sports are really stretched to extreme and trying these sports is like putting your life in danger. Some people love the thrill of putting their life in danger and when they achieve a set target or win a race etc. they feel an extreme level of immense pleasure which is beyond the comprehension of the normal humans who like to keep themselves safe.

Here is the list of  Top 10 Extreme Outdoor Sports that is an adrenaline pumping, and very much heart pounding activities. If you like to put your life on some crazy outdoor game and then these  Top 10 Extreme Outdoor Sports are your thing to do...

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Safety tips for Outdoor Sports

Outdoor sport is exciting and so entertaining and is very good for your health. For proper fitness it is very necessary that you play some outdoor sports. It helps the mind and body to revive itself. Playing outdoor sports helps you be fit. Also playing outdoor sports with friends and family is a nice way to get together. Playing outdoor sports and people are bound to get injured. A statistic shows that people get more injured playing outdoor games as compared to doing indoors. This means you need to take some precautions and protect yourself and even eliminate possible instances of the danger.

First important thing is to have a plan in case there is some injury or emergency.

  • Before starting to play any outdoor sports it is important to warm up and stretch as warm up help blood flow to l...

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Fitness Tips for Outdoor Sports

Get out and breathe some fresh air. Indeed it is important that you must get out of your gym and air conditioned room to play some outdoor sports. It is essential for mind and body to get a game of outdoor sports. Playing outside in lawn or garden or training for a particular game is a healthy thing to do. But people are apprehensive to playing outdoor sports especially in the summers.

Here are fitness tips for the outdoor sports during summer:

Need more than water: when you are playing an outdoor sport it is more important that you carry your water along. And if you are going to play the game much longer it is advisable that you must take along a sports drink in a bottle or two which you must drink at regular interval such that you can replenish the carbohydrates and electrolytes.

Eat com...

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Different Types Of Outdoor Sports

Outdoor sports are fun and exciting. People need to play outdoor sports to get close with nature, get fresh air and feel rejuvenated. Outdoor sports help in making a person healthy because it involves lots of exercise and strains the body too.

There are   Different Types of Outdoor Sports. And no matter what is your age group there are number of   Different Types of Outdoor Sports which are suitable. There is amazing refreshing feeling when you play an outdoor sport. There is always an outdoor sport which you will be able to play, enjoy while staying fit too. Just remember you must not sit at home and rot. You need to get out and play an outdoor game. Constant work can dry mind and body can become lethargic. Body needs work out, some fresh air, and it needs to move...

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Outdoor Sports in Winter

There is something amazing adventurous about the outdoor sports in winters. Winters is time to get cosy but it is brave heart people and people who love snow, chilly winds and excitement of being outdoors who love the outdoor sports in winter. There is a fascination amongst people regarding the adventure and thrill of the outdoor sports in winter such as skiing, snowboarding etc.

Here is a small overview regarding the types of outdoor sports in winter:

Snowmobiling: Snowmobiles are known as the snowmachines also as salads and one of the best brand names is Ski-Doos. These are powerful machine which are able to 0 to 6 miles per hour in 4 seconds only. This is used for travel in the arctic region...

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